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sockpupett: Delete your page on me. I'm done with Jace and he has done some seriously creepy things that cross the line that I would never do, so I really don't want to get into another scruffle with him. I want him to let it go but he keeps harassing me. By making that page you are bringing up drama for cherubplay users that is not ok and something many people have blocked us both to avoid.

MF derse: yeah that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

You literally just fucked with him and I know because I watched and put it down.

I’m not gonna deal with ur nonsensical bs breh.

When u /actually/ stop orchestrating the harassment of ppl, I can actually do something for u.

"My Fave Is Problematic. Now What?"

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Am I still allowed to like them?

Yes. No one is stopping you from doing anything. You can like and consume their work without liking them as a person. You can even like them as a person, so long as you recognize that they do have problematic issues.

How can I be a good fan?

Try and make them a better person. If they do something problematic, call them out on it. I recognize that famous people are busy and don’t read every single Twitter reply or Facebook comment they get, but still try it. At the very least, you’ll be educating other fans.

How can I be a conscious fan?

Recognize that they did something wrong. Accept it. Don’t try to defend it or explain it. Say “so-and-so makes great music, but I wish they weren’t racist” or “I think that they’re really talented, but they are also sexist”. It’s a package deal. Tell other fans what they did. When praising them, don’t ignore the problematic stuff. Talk about that too.

I thought it was appropriate to bring this back in light of the John Green post blowing up

There’s a lot of stuff I have to do

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One of which being making a new theme for the blog,

Another being updating the blacklist (I have 2 or 3 people I need to remove, actually!!)

But I can’t ATM, I’m mobile. Internet is gone and won’t be back for a tiny while but I’m not ignoring you!

I just have a lot on my plate these last 2 months.


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Okay, now it’s time for a rant because I’ve been off Tumblr for a while and haven’t really been keeping up with what’s going on these days. Excuse the language/anger, but this shit really boils my blood.

So I’ve noticed several posts come across my dash about how we need to stop “white girl shaming” and making fun of white women because they like things like Starbucks, pumpkins, and Pinterest. People are presenting it as though it’s a proxy for misogynists to make fun of all women and yet do it in an “acceptable way,” and acting as though it’s a really harmful thing to be doing to young white women on this website and we should all feel bad about it.

Now, I joke a lot about my white girl interests. Gawker even used me as their reference — twice — when talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I will jokingly talk about how I am embracing or rejecting this “identity” and how I am proud in my white girldom. Now, these are jokes, because this whole fucking idea is a joke, and there is no actual cultural anything behind any of these bullshit Tumblr posts or articles. People are making a joke of the PSLs and the Pinterest because you know what the alternative stereotypes are for women who are not white? That they are welfare mothers, that they are illegal immigrants, that they are inherently sexual, and that they are undesirable parts of society. NO WHITE WOMAN HAS EVER LOST A JOB OVER LIKING FUCKING STARBUCKS. These “stereotype” posts are making fun of the fact that WE DO NOT HAVE ANY ACTUAL DAMAGING STEREOTYPE FOR BEING THE WHITE VERSION OF A WOMAN.

In fact, we are granted a lot of fucking privileges for being white women — arguably, we even hold them where a white MAN would not. We get to walk out of a store scott-free with shit we didn’t even realize that we stole because people code us as innocent, righteous, and incapable of malice. We get let off more easily for crimes, we get to be presumed honest, we are the image of womanhood that society is trained to PROTECT and ELEVATE. 

I have gotten in so much shit with the bullshit fucking feminists on this website for referring to white women as the housecats of society, but that’s exactly what we are. So much of our oppression stems from condescension, infantilization, and overprotection. Now, is this ideal? No, it sucks. But would it be traded for all of the other horrible stereotypes that non-white women have to deal with? Absofuckinglutely. 

And when I would talk about the bullshit gender studies textbooks that cherrypick statistics that mostly effect non-white and poor women and use them as an ideological sledgehammer to paint ALL WOMEN as universal victims and ALL MEN as universal perpetrators, people would come running to my inbox about how I was trying to smear or deny the feminist movement. I’m sorry, I would rather smear and deny the feminist movement all day if the alternative was having my head so far up my own ass that I believed a middle-class white female college student was IN ANY WAY worse off or more oppressed than a lower-class black guy. Hell, even a middle-class black guy. Hell, fucking FOREST WHITAKER can’t even go shopping without getting accused of stealing and he’s a fucking millionaire Oscar winner.

And the truth is that people wouldn’t even go so hard making fun of white women’s interests on this site if we weren’t SO FUCKING PRESSED to be the center of all fucking discussions about oppression at all fucking times, and pretended as though any of our statistics or rhetoric could be applied exclusively on a gendered line. Like get over yourselves, women can absolutely oppress men depending on who and where they are in society. You want to act like white women didn’t INTENTIONALLY use false rape claims against black men in America SINCE THE DAWN OF THIS COUNTRY??? Really???

Not everything is a fucking feminist issue, and if someone wants to make fun of Becky for liking pumpkin candles, have a fucking field day. Because it doesn’t effect any of us in the least, and it has no actual bearing on the world in any way whatsoever. But if we stop turning everything into a fucking oppression contest, then we might have to take responsibility for some of our own failures instead of blaming a society that is largely built to protect and bolster us, amirite? Like that chick who couldn’t get into Texas State or whatever and wanted to act like it was Al Sharpton’s fault even though she had grades that WEREN’T FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH TO GET IN THE SCHOOL. 

I know that some of the feminists on this website have build their whole identity/self-worth/value around being The Biggest Victim, but get a fucking grip and recognize how good we have it in this world. Sometimes you are going to be slighted because you are a woman, but it will never be because you are a WHITE woman, and we just have to accept the fact that this is a slice of the Blame It On The Man Pie we do not get to take. UGH.

MF derse: I’m serious, watch this asshole get a whole damn essay published in like a year written by the person eirs dating


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MF derse: lmao @ ppl who request to be on the blocklist and make my job easier

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That doesn’t mean ppl won’t follow u. It means we know you’re a jackass and, in the occasion another person encounters your idiocy, we continue to drag ur ass in the future.

Lol ok. But yknow, u can continue to hurt my delicate feefees by admitting ur awful to me publicly :((((((((((((


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no-need-to-be-rood: Can you guys add me to your hippie dippy baloney list so I don't accidentally get followed by any of youse guys? Provided reason: I said that Terezi was a fuckin wuss when it came to dealing with Gamzee, I'm pretty sure that's victim blaming or some other one of yalls faekin pocgender trans am polynomial words for it and it probably oppressed some blind alien girl somewhere with my harsh words.

MF derse: actually, the phrase you’re looking for is that you’re a wife beating piece of trash.

This guy loves domestic abuse!


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"Wow I thought tumblr was supposed to be accepting!!! Why are people calling me out on problematic things I’ve said???? Damn sjw ruining everything. Free speech, I’m allowed to be a horrible misogynist queerphobic racist without being called out!!! Hate breeds more hate! This website is SO toxic omg. Don’t let this TOXIC website make you feel bad for being white straight and cis :)


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Tumblr user ominousinsomiac holds forth on the difference between trans women and ‘futa’ women, proves that they know nothing about either one.

Click the screenshots to embiggen them.


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