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Gettin sick of that false equality mindset that’s flying around.


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The rage of the oppressed is never the same as the rage of the privileged.

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To all “egalitarians”

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cthulhulegobrick5ever: I remember seeing something about one troll sneaking into the other's cocoon thing without the other noticing and it was framed as "romantic" but idk if that's what you were referring to.

~MF derse: that sounds extra sketchy…


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A fun thing to do when people accuse you of “thinking people should just have stuff HANDED TO THEM! ! !” Is to just cold be like yes. I absolutely do believe that. I think every single person should have their needs met unconditionally without ever having to prove that they “deserve” it based on arbitrary criteria of usefulness. You got me. Busted.


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I heard a whiff about homestuck.

Something something Tavros/Gamzee shipping?

What has happened? Somebody fill me in.


I fixed the whole “reblogged asks” thing. It took a bit of brainwork (fucking apparently lol) but now they should show properly.


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meredith’s post reminded me that there is literally one criteria by which biologists classify an organism as male or female which is at all consistent

the size of the gamete cell.

no, seriously. that’s it. that’s the biotruth. 

sex is a construct. 

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For anyone who sees this going around, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. It is a screamer that is flashing and showing Jeff the Killer. Please pass this around so others who may have epilepsy or plain don’t want to see screamers do not click on that link. 

EDIT: That entire blog has posted multiple screamers and is in no way sorry for any harm they have caused to people!! please be warned!!

Boosting. Be safe today.


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Gay man: "I hate how white girls accessorize gay men."

Gay man: *Accessorizes black women*


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Offensive things aren’t offensive merely because they hurt feelings - they’re offensive because they contribute to the societal harm of marginalized groups. The end goal isn’t to get everyone to love each other, it’s to destroy power imbalances.

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