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meredith’s post reminded me that there is literally one criteria by which biologists classify an organism as male or female which is at all consistent

the size of the gamete cell.

no, seriously. that’s it. that’s the biotruth. 

sex is a construct. 

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For anyone who sees this going around, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. It is a screamer that is flashing and showing Jeff the Killer. Please pass this around so others who may have epilepsy or plain don’t want to see screamers do not click on that link. 

EDIT: That entire blog has posted multiple screamers and is in no way sorry for any harm they have caused to people!! please be warned!!

Boosting. Be safe today.


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Gay man: "I hate how white girls accessorize gay men."

Gay man: *Accessorizes black women*


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Offensive things aren’t offensive merely because they hurt feelings - they’re offensive because they contribute to the societal harm of marginalized groups. The end goal isn’t to get everyone to love each other, it’s to destroy power imbalances.

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This is another post about ableist language—or any of the language i use.

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I’ve done this before, numerous times, but this time I may just make this an “official” post—

I’m not going to change my language when I’m calling out, quite frankly, normally neurotypical fucking bigots who dont have an ounce of empathy in them.

I’m not going to change MY language—someone with goddamn alphabet soup for mental disabilities—for the sake of people who have HISTORICALLY called me all sorts of (YES, ABLEIST INCLUDING!) slurs, when they don’t know or CARE about my situation.

I am a disabled, NOT FUCKING EVEN WORKING—ass individual who has NEVER insulted someone based on Actual Disability, rather, their inability to WANT to find another person human. AKA, me or anyone else I talk about when I talk ableism.

So basically, on this not-even-really-a-social justice blog, I’m CONTINUING to not change shit I say when people send me hate mail and slurs. You better, once again, use tumblr savior and get my nutsack out your raggely ass mouf.

….anyway, submissions are open!


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types of anxiety disorders // what is panic disorder? // panic disorder & agoraphobia // tips to cope with a panic attack // 3 ways to help someone having a panic attack // 4 things you shouldn’t say to someone having a panic attack // what is obsessive compulsive disorder? // more on ocd // coping with ocd // living with someone who has ocd // what is post-traumatic stress disorder? // coping with ptsd // 10 tips for understanding someone with ptsd //what is social anxiety disorder? // coping with social anxiety disorder // how worrying affects the body


wikihow // helpful tips // 3 practices to calm an anxious mind // how-to guide // creating your mind palace // 3 breathing exercises // 6 breathing exercises // yoga bunny // meditation for beginners // about meditation // yoga with connie bowman // 20 minute yoga routine // yoga to make you happy // guided meditation 


back to school // helpful websites // happy things // feel good things // college survival // a lil bit of everything // a really big masterpost // music masterpost // diy home spa // coping skills & distractions // for bad days // bad day remedies


yogaholics // killyouranxiety // thatanxietyblog // lets-beat-mental-illness // recoverykitty // yogis-yoginis // healthylifestylechoice // happier-soon // rising.co.vu // catfromhell // you-can-just-breathe (trigger warning: autoplay) // recovery-in-pink // forescent // recoverytree


note to self. // good feelings // coffee shop acoustic // bubble baths, coffee and hardback books // rad covers // a little bit of everything // good morning // breathe // acoustic // conquer school // wheels on the road // choose happy // coffee shop tunes // my faves // good vibes // late winter nights // lovely quiet // overwhelmed // tonight you’re perfect // random [feel]goodies // rewind // crawling back to you // sleepy tunes 


soundsleeping // noisli // naturesoundsfor.me // ambient-mixer // calmsound // calm.com // mynoise.net // rainymood // coffitivity // soundrown


make a grounding box // top 10 essential oils to relieve anxiety // personal care products from walgreens // aromatherapy // 19 natural remedies for anxiety // lots and lots of sweaters // stuffed animals // books (free) // used books for 1 cent // electric blankets // soft pillows



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"When I look at people I don’t see their skin color I see their personality"

First of all no you literally don’t second of all what the fuck no you don’t……. That makes no sense. Of course you see their skin color and you don’t “see” their personality at all….

I see alien vegetables. Wouldn’t it be weird if I saw dead people? I wonder if anyone could speak on a scholarly work crediting or discrediting racial color blindness. Instead of lile, you know, discrediting each other’s personal experience based on an argument of semantics.

Well here’s some scholarly work discrediting racial colorblindness



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*pushed out of trans spaces by dfab folks* *dfab folks monopolize trans resources meaning i can only find links to binders* *dfab folks are consistently transmisogynistic while backhandedly “supporting” dmab trans folk* um..whats your big problem with dfab trans folk?


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Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.

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MF derse: look, man

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if you ever fix your mouth/fingers to communicate that you’re talking about SEX not GENDER

you need to stop yourself because what you are about to say is DEFINITELY cissexist. like there is close to 0 chance what you wanna communicate wont read like you’re invalidating people’s gender identity

and thusly NO ONE cares or benefits from what you have to say

stop. you’re better than this, i promise you.

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