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i also just really wanna clarify ahead of time that im gonna make it color safe for more sensitive ppl

thats because so far its


very magenta.

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plant-jpeg: its very important that you have your font on at least 12 for ppl w dyslexia and sight problems and such. also please could you not have too much bright colours or gifs for photosensitive ppl like myself? esp red.

ill be itching to make a color friendly version of the blog for ppl like you and with other various disabilities.

our colors are still magenta and mustard, of course, but it wasnt until recently that i realized how inaccessible that is. so im determined to make it work for ppl.

i think also itd be fairly simple to hide gifs unless called upon!

thanks for the tips.



ok u assholes i got somethin for ya:

u ever wanna be a bigger, more awful homestuck on ur blog?? well i gots some news u might like:

after fussing around forever with codes and research and whatnot ive got the homesuck font available for use on tumblr!!!

c&p this before ur css in ur <head></head> tags:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

and whatever place u want in ur css to use that font, type “font-family: fontstuck_extendedregular;” and VOILA

A/N: u might wanna also add this piece (text-transform: uppercase;) to ur css selector in order to make whatever u type also be in caps. either that or u can just use the caps lock :K

CREDITS: I DID NOT MAKE THIS FONT, I JUST MADE IT AVAILABLE TO USE ON TUMBLR. KevinHilt made the original font, Vladislav Nm made the extended version used in this css. they both released the font with intent to share with the class so i felt like i might as well do the same!



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ok, if anyone has any comments/wishes etc for the next theme to have, you should send an ask telling me what it is!

the next theme will more or less have the same layout but wont be so awkward.

Why Certain Ships Are Bad And You Should Feel Bad For Shipping Them

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Or At The Very Least Try To Be More Critical Of Them

Okay so I’m going to be discussing two ships today. They both are very similar, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hussie did this on purpose.

The first one we’re going to talk about is DirkRoxy.

NOW I’m not going to make any claims on Dirk’s sexuality. This has nothing to do with that topic. Let’s assume, for a moment, that Dirk didn’t say Roxy fell outside of his sexual orientations. Today we are having a completely different and perhaps unexpected discussion.

We will also be discussing the significant parallels between this ship and EriFef.

"But how are those two ships remotely similar, tumblr user sylph0fspacejam?" I hear you ask.

Well, they are remarkably similar, in fact, they are nearly identically shitty in the exact same way.

Alright so we are introduced to these characters and the dynamics between them. In both, one character is in love with the other, who wishes to keep their relationship at a friendship only level. (Or moirailigance as the case may be.) They have a hella cool relationship as is… or so we are lead to believe. But… do they really?

By the way: No Roxy does not get excused just because she was under the influence of a drug like effect. You are never ever ever ever EVER excused for harassing someone. If you need more evidence that Roxy harassed Dirk we also have him saying as much here. Alcoholic Husbands don’t get to use their drinking problem as an excuse for hitting their wives. Trickster Roxy doesn’t get to use her sugar high as an excuse for assaulting Dirk.

Furthermore, a reminder that while Dirk eventually said yes, it was only after lot of pressure.

Anyway, moving on from assuring everyone that what happened was outside of what Dirk wanted to happen.

Both Feferi and Dirk have expressed that they feel guilty and bad, for different reasons. You should NEVER have to feel guilty for not being in a relationship with someone. Eridan and Roxy were both toxic to Feferi and Dirk respectively, and they both are way too forgiving despite this. They both display common symptoms of being in an abusive relationship with someone. Their self esteem and energy has been robbed from them.

Here you can see the cycle of abusive actually spinning with Roxy and Dirk. Starting with Roxy being passive aggressive, and then exploding and questioning/mocking him on his orientation and identity. Then it devolves into playful bickering and friendliness again. This is not a normal, healthy relationship.

Similarly, Eridan going from pleading and bargaining to angry in a split second because Feferi no longer wants to be moirails with him. No it was not an insult to say she was looking after him. The guy was a murderer and an extremist.

So why does it matter if you ship these two things? And furthermore, who the fuck am I to tell you not to ship them? You should be able to do what you want, without any criticism, right?

Sadly, while in the end you can do what you want, you should be aware that ignoring and sensationalizing these sorts of relationships as positive when they are in fact negative, can have very serious side effects. On yourself and on others who may only catch a glimpse of what you’re doing.

Displaying Roxy’s insistence and harassment towards Dirk as romantic can encourage stalking behavior in abusers. Insisting that Eridan deserved Feferi, and it was her fault he murdered his friends because she wouldn’t hook up with him is victim blaming.

Making AUs where these things didn’t happen is just as bad. It’s denial of negative, abusive things that have happened to these characters. Denial that abuse victims struggle with every day. Questioning themselves if their partner is really abusive.

Regardless of Dirk’s sexuality, regardless of the timing of the events of the game which led to Eridan and Feferi breaking up, regardless of the fact that it is fiction

These are still things people have read. Abuse victims and abusers alike have read these pages, and normalizing a relationship like this, through Alternate Universes where things work out or not, encourages abusive behavior, and encourages victims to look past how they are treated because “Roxy deserves it” or Eridan “would never have killed anyone if Feferi didn’t leave him.”

Both characters gave very firm nos. And, as always, I will remind you all that Dirk and Feferi are not real. They aren’t people, they are characters.

But denying the “No” that each of them gave is like an echo of the “No” many abuse and rape victims give, which is ignored, by society and their abusers/rapists because they feel so entitled to their body, to their mind, and to their will, and they deserved it. “They were asking for it.” “It doesn’t matter what they say, it matters what I want.” “It doesn’t matter that Dirk feels so guilty saying no to Roxy and that it took a lot for him to finally stand up to her, DirkRoxy is cute and she deserves happiness anyway, despite constantly treating Dirk like shit and even sabotaging a potential relationship with someone else for the purpose of her and her best friend being with the boys Roxy thinks they deserve.” “If Feferi had just been Matesprites with Eridan, then he wouldn’t have killed her or her friends. They could have been happy!”

You are not only telling all of these things to abuse victims and survivors, but also to their abusers. The ones that are highly likely to take your prompts. Yes even if it is only fiction, you are still telling an abuser that you find their behaviour acceptable, even romantic and desirable.

Yesterday I overheard a group of boys saying women like being hurt. Just walk up to them and pull their hair. That gasp of pain? Interpreted as a moan of pleasure. “Just walk up and slap the bitch across the face. They love that.” (Yes, this is word for word what they said.)

People like that do come on here. They do read posts, accept them, roleplay them, and consume them as “hey this is a thing people like being done to them. What I do isn’t abusive, and even if it is, bitches love being abused. Why else would they write it?”

Regardless of your intentions and regardless if you know better, this is still the message you are sending out.

Am I saying to stop shipping DirkRoxy and Erifef all together?

No, I’m not. Believe it or not, I really do think everyone is free to do what they want to do. All I’m saying is that it’s important to be critical of what you like, to know why there’s a problem with it, and not just consume and produce pro-abusive prose blindly.

I think, in the end if you really like it, you should be able to ship both of these things. Just be smart about it and stop denying the facts.

(And for the love of god, don’t guilt trip with “Yes I’m human garbage but I want ______ please!” Because you’re not fooling anyone.)


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I know that Black creativity has saved your life many times before. I know, because I’ve seen it happen. I’ve listened as non-Black people in my communities raised on Hip Hop talked about how it was the only relatable, empowering culture they found that also educated and radicalized them as a youth. It was formational. I’ve watched people become politicized, shaping their new political identities after bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Assata Shakur, Angela Davis and Frantz Fanon. I’ve watched as folks become activist celebrities using radical ideas from Black Power and Civil Rights movements to shape programs that do not benefit Black people. I’ve watched as people make livings and loads of social capital off of DJing Black music, dancing, walking and dressing like Black people, selling the Black aesthetic to others. I’ve heard that friends use Nina Simone and Sade to sing them back from depression, Rihanna and D’Angelo to get them in the mood. So many people in my communities, lately, have been using Octavia Butler to renew their hope for radical futures. Without Black people, what would your lives be? You might be thinking, you know, it’s so much more complicated than all this, race is complex, we’re all part of the human family, etc., etc…

Black art is not free for all damaged souls. When Nina sang about strange fruit, she was talking about a lynching…of Black people. When Black rappers say Fuck the Police, they speak to a state system of lynching…Black people. Your pain and isolation, however real it may be, is not the same as being Black. Your self-adoption into hip hop and djembe drumming and spoken word, makes our art forms all about you. You, however well meaning, have stolen Black labour and invention and used it for your own purpose. It warps the medium and changes the message, the magic, the healing. From now on, consider how the cost of consuming, appropriating, regurgitating, and getting your life in multiple ways from Black art, Black culture, and Black peoples’ creative genius detrimentally impacts our lives. Being Black in an anti-black world means experiencing daily attacks that threaten our dignity, our happiness, our freedom, and often our lives; and in order to enjoy Black culture, you’re going to have to take action to help get these back.

But because Black people’s labour, language, intelligence, creativity, and survival arts have always been considered free for the taking, you probably didn’t feel ways about using it. You probably didn’t think twice. Black culture is the most pilfered, the most ‘borrowed,’ the most thieved culture, and we’ve seen this happen time and tie again.

Nadijah Robinson

Quote is from her essay Black Art Is Not A Free For All on Black Girl Dangerous. Read it all. Truly exquisite writing, especially as non-Black people continue to use, consume, pilfer, plagiarize and be appropriative of Black cultural production and art while simultaneously suggesting that Black culture, especially that Black American culture, does not exist. 

I’ve also watched non-Black people suggest Black people contribute “nothing” to anti-oppression theory or praxis while their ENTIRE FRAMEWORK for approaching it is via Black cultural production or Black women’s epistemology.

Like…the cognitive dissonance proffered via perspectives shaped by anti-Blackness is astounding.

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Currently, though I’m physically fine, I haven’t been on tumblr. I haven’t been doing much with the blog even though I’ve been medicated for a few days now. This is due to personal issues, probably connected to my various mood disorders.

I’ll be posting content sparingly, but I won’t be dealing with asks for the most part. (If you’ve sent me something I already answered before, especially numerous times, there’s like no chance I’ll ever answer it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

I’ll be “back” sometime soon (this kinda is normal, it happens sometimes), but that day won’t be today.



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sockpupett: Delete your page on me. I'm done with Jace and he has done some seriously creepy things that cross the line that I would never do, so I really don't want to get into another scruffle with him. I want him to let it go but he keeps harassing me. By making that page you are bringing up drama for cherubplay users that is not ok and something many people have blocked us both to avoid.

MF derse: yeah that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

You literally just fucked with him and I know because I watched and put it down.

I’m not gonna deal with ur nonsensical bs breh.

When u /actually/ stop orchestrating the harassment of ppl, I can actually do something for u.

"My Fave Is Problematic. Now What?"

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Am I still allowed to like them?

Yes. No one is stopping you from doing anything. You can like and consume their work without liking them as a person. You can even like them as a person, so long as you recognize that they do have problematic issues.

How can I be a good fan?

Try and make them a better person. If they do something problematic, call them out on it. I recognize that famous people are busy and don’t read every single Twitter reply or Facebook comment they get, but still try it. At the very least, you’ll be educating other fans.

How can I be a conscious fan?

Recognize that they did something wrong. Accept it. Don’t try to defend it or explain it. Say “so-and-so makes great music, but I wish they weren’t racist” or “I think that they’re really talented, but they are also sexist”. It’s a package deal. Tell other fans what they did. When praising them, don’t ignore the problematic stuff. Talk about that too.

I thought it was appropriate to bring this back in light of the John Green post blowing up

There’s a lot of stuff I have to do

#MF derse #callALL

One of which being making a new theme for the blog,

Another being updating the blacklist (I have 2 or 3 people I need to remove, actually!!)

But I can’t ATM, I’m mobile. Internet is gone and won’t be back for a tiny while but I’m not ignoring you!

I just have a lot on my plate these last 2 months.

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