[Image description: a text box from the first walkaround game of Act 6 Intermission 3 of Homestuck. It reads, in relation to a juju found in a treasure chest, “An EFFIGY, to be precise. It has magical properties binding it to the mortality of someone, depending on what hat it wears. Hey, maybe you’ll hang it from this tree? Nah, that’s a bit morbid. #you’ll just hock it to some chump”]

Cat: A bit morbid.


Hussie, do you know how much gall (and white privilege) it takes to call something like this a “bit” morbid when this is instantly reminiscent of one of the most violent acts of racism perpetrated against thousands of innocent black people in the US, also known as, hmmm I dunno, LYNCHING?!?

It doesn’t fucking matter that it’s a doll and not a person. In fact, by some sick coincidence (which I’m loath to believe is a coincidence at all), this flash appeared just around the same time that the Republican National Convention happened and Clint Eastwood’s address to President Obama, symbolized as a chair, sparked several “chair hangings” across the country, in effigy of the president. Yeah, that’s right, EFFIGY, the same word you use here. EFFIGIES REPRESENT PEOPLE AND THREATEN THEM AND THEIR SAFETY.

And it matters even less whether it was your intention to give off this message. Hell, the reason why I, the white mod, am the one bringing this up is because it’s too close to the bone for the other two mods. Lynching didn’t just happen in the Jim Crow South, it’s going on TODAY and there are people alive TODAY who remember the Jim Crow South, too.

I always knew you were racist scum, Hussie, but this is a new low.

Cosmic: Just adding a few comments here - actual killing-people lynchings aren’t exactly a thing of the past, either. There have been several incidents in 2012, the one I can think of off the top of my head being a couple instances in Cincinnati documented by a tumblr user of black men found hanging dead from trees in the woods and (white) police refusing to investigate fully. Lynching jokes (and advertisements involving lynched effigees) will never not be in poor, racist taste.

MF derse: The best part about it, going off of the recent lynching deal, I personally dealt with the same shit because an incident JUST LIKE it happened in a town in Mississippi. The best part about it is that the police never even looked into it, they wrote it off as a suicide.

The thing about lynching is that it was THE hate crime. It’s violent, violating, clean, crude (with a low accuracy for killing the victim unless done properly). It WAS a staple in the old days for many of these reasons—a sign to brandish public authority and keep reminding everyone in the area that they are little more than political statements, and all that is needed is a length of rope and a motive.

It’s hideous, heinous, hellishly charged, and an epitomization of racism. It’s used TODAY as a scare tactic, some people you may encounter every day. And yet this is appropriate to put in a comic.

Look. Some shit just should not be fucked with, and this is one of them.

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