I don’t really want to burst anyones bubble but…
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I just want to point out a couple of facts laid down by Hussie himself. So do not get angry at me for informing you guys of what has been said.

During an interview he answered this question:

Interviewer: “Is Jade asian? Is this supposed to be a racist social commentary sort of thing?

Hussie: i consider the kids a-racial.

the only race they obviously definitely arent is black.

which is very racist of me.”

I have no clue why he would make the kids not black, or if he is actually racist but those words were spoken from his lips.

Another thing is, Tricksters are Caucasian  He has said this himself! And the update just proved it, so stop freaking the fuck out already.

That will be all. 

mCAT: Um, YEAH, saying the kids “definitely aren’t black” is really racist. It’s something that’s definitely worth “freaking the fuck out” over, canon or not. Because Hussie clearly doesn’t see black people as human if he wouldn’t even entertain the possibility that the kids would be black, but could envision all other races.

Racists who say they’re racist in an “ooh, yeah, whatcha gonna do about it then? huh?” way are the worst kind of racist.

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    I’m almost absolutely sure he wasn’t being serious… When is he ever? But even if he wasn’t joking, I think he could just...
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    or….. maybe… god forbid… someone on the internet is admitting they’re at fault..?
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