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mCAT: Ah, the subtext that was soon to become canon. The calm before the storm.

Still racist any way you slice it.

I have a dear friend who adores Homestuck and really REALLY wants me to read it.

But frankly Hussie seems like an absolutely horrible person and every time Homestuck-related stuff shows up on my dash it seems like there’s some kind of racist shit happening with the fandom or the author (usually both).  I mean, “Canonically Caucasian?” “Aracial?”  Are you fucking kidding me?  I’ve gone from side-eyeing this comic to pretty much detesting it.  Seriously, no thank you.

Cosmic: Yes, I’d been trying to get my moirail to read it but when I was telling her about the problems in the fandom she backed off for the same reasons. And I absolutely don’t blame her - especially as I’m contemplating leaving myself.

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This is not an AU or an RP Homestuck blog.

This is a blog dedicated to taking responsibility for all the horrible shit (with a particular emphasis on racism and ableism) that is rampant within Homestuck fandom. We can't pretend that it's not our responsibility to just let this pass by—the oppressive behavior of Homestuck fans has caused many people, fans and non-fans alike, to feel downright unsafe around anything Homestuck-related. This is OUR SHIT to clean up.

And this isn't just about fan stuff, either. Andrew Hussie is by no means exempt from being called out on his bullshit, since he's spewed fuckton upon fuckton of it, whether through characterization or plots within Homestuck itself or personal statements he's made.

It's time to make this fandom safe.

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