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mCAT: So this happened.

Woohoo, trivialization of autism and general ableist fuckery! Dear god, if “on the spectrum” becomes the new “special” I’m going to blow a fucking fuse. (also, “I’m autistic and I’m not offended!” people, go here. Also here.)

And this should be the definitive proof of Hussie doing something that he knows will upset and hurt people and not giving a single flying fuck about it.

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    i might accept this logic if i could understand on any level what it is about these slurs that is “funny”. i honestly...
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    Look up Lisa Lampanelli. Her comedy is entirely racist based yet she is not a racist. People are allowed to say...
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And this isn't just about fan stuff, either. Andrew Hussie is by no means exempt from being called out on his bullshit, since he's spewed fuckton upon fuckton of it, whether through characterization or plots within Homestuck itself or personal statements he's made.

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